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Wild Lilac Stationery Collection
Enjoy 20 beautifully designed digital templates when on the go or relaxing at home.  The convenience of not losing paper and having it secure on your mobile device or tablet is perfect. 
One can use the templates to journal or as email stationery! Just type your email message onto a template, tap "export" then share your note to any email address.
This item works with Good Notes, Notability and other note taking apps. While using these apps, you can make an unlimited number of copies of each page/template.
What we love most at W.O.E is that we will save trees while adding a paper-like personal touch to digital messages.  Feel free to type "save a tree with digital stationery by" on the bottom of your messages.  Thank you in advance.  Happy writing!

Wild Lilac Stationery Collection

  • We don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.  But please contact us if you have any problem with your order.

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